The Two Ways for James

There are two Ways, one of Life and one of Death, and there is a great difference between the two Ways.    ~ The Didache

James has expressed his wishes to social workers. He wants to present as a girl with his “mother”, and James wants to present as a boy with his father. This fact — that James does not consistently present as a girl — is too often ignored by transgender ideologues.

A child cannot lead two lives. A decision has to be made. On this point, at least, everyone agrees. But we must also remember that James presents as a boy with his mother, also. He wears boys clothes and doesn’t hide or have any issues presenting as a boy at her home.

So, why are transgender ideologues privileging James’ abnormal gender identity rather than his normal gender identity?

James’ “mother” has said in court, “No one wants their child to be transgender.” Well, James has a choice. We can watchfully wait, and encourage his normal gender expression.

According to the statistics on desistance, James will most likely grow up to be a normal man. Since James doesn’t present as a girl consistently, he’s probably much more likely than other kids to desist.

Let’s be patient. Encourage James to develop normally and naturally. Let’s not send him down a road to despair, banishment, and mutilation.

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