Can Conservatives Conserve?

We are often asked, how can we take action to “Save James – Save Thousands of Children”. The answer involves a painful look in the mirror.

Conservatives believe in the supreme civic importance of ethics, morality, good character, propriety, family stability, and sexual restraint. On the conservative view, these values extend through the personal, the family, and into society itself. Conservative values are social norms developed over centuries in and through traditional customs and practices. If conservatives are right about these values, the modern conservative must look at our situation today and conclude that time is short and disaster is imminent.

Yet, conservatives do not act as though imminent social catastrophe approaches. One hears much talk of renewing civic virtues, impressing conservative principles on our fellow citizens, and the like. These are the routine prescriptions of the conservative status quo. Conservatives have in fact been doing these things, for many decades.

The transgender trend is only increasing. More cases appear every day. The whole trend of American politics is ever-to-the-Left.

We have thus far been unable to prevent the Left from allowing men in the ladies room. We haven’t been able to stop them from abusing children with transgender ideology. We haven’t been able to curtail their baby-killing genocide.

If you think we can continue as we have before, I’m afraid you are admitting that conservatism is wrong. If you don’t see the social apocalypse approaching, you are not a conservative. What we’re doing isn’t working. It hasn’t worked for fifty years. And even recently, what has conservatism achieved in the last twenty years? Not much.

What do we do, right now? Stop digging.

  • Stop trying to convince people. The Left do not hold their views for reasons, and reasons are not going to talk them out of it. Get your own side out to vote.
  • Find the critical voter threshold. In our district, School Board and City Council elections are won by maximum 2,500 vote majority. All we need are an extra 3,000 conservative votes. That is doable, but it isn’t being done. Check it out in your district.
  • Take over local institutions. If you have transgender groups in your district, get a hundred conservatives to show up and dominate the discourse. If they try to stop you, start suing. Non-profits can’t keep you out. Private clubs meeting in public spaces can’t keep you out. Don’t allow any safe space for advocates of transgender child abuse. That’s how they do it, and it works.
  • Protest. Out the transgender child abusers. Stand on the street and wave signs. Tell uninformed people about what’s happening. Be visible and be fearless. Our fellows in the anti-abortion movement have been doing street activism for years at Planned Parenthood clinics and to good effect. Copy their success.
  • Work with knowledgeable insiders. Help them help you. They can work with elected officials navigate the treacherous waters of political compromises. You can provide the impetus and energy for action.
  • Stop supporting the enemy. Don’t trade with pediatricians who support transgender child abuse. File complaints against schools and teachers who indoctrinate kids. Dominate PTA meetings with conservative ideas, and don’t back down.

What can we do in the long term? Start building.

  • Be cautious about where your child receives higher education. If you enroll your kids into public schools or most universities, your children will likely emerge with communist views. Very, very few can withstand a decade or more of propaganda and intellectual subversion. Don’t kid yourself that your child is the one-in-a-million. Give up the forlorn hope of someone else educating your children in their most tender impressionable years. Do it yourself or find a trustworthy institution – and be active in curriculum planning. This is elementary.
  • Be active in the Republican primaries. We must stop putting up for election milquetoast Republicans. Ask yourself, “Can this candidate take a punch? Can this Candidate take the Leftist candidate behind the woodshed and deliver an ass-wooping?” If the answer isn’t a confident, “Yes! And, yes!” Get another candidate.
  • Never allow a leftist to run unchallenged. Every elected office must have a Republican up for it. At the very least, the Republican will collect the “straight Republican” votes. Make the left fight for every, single seat. At the very least you are making them spend money fighting you, thus allowing other candidates to win.
  • Fix the conservative woman problem. Nationally, men vote about 50-50, Republican-Democrat. Women support Democrats by 80%. My district lost a great conservative leader because suburban women voted in favor of another woman despite her dangerous stance on important issues that affect James directly. Women this one is on you: get your women’s clubs active. There’s lots of evangelizing to do. We have to get those votes back.
  • Maintain the Republican swing vote: working class men. Men are the backbone voters for conservative causes. Put their issues front and center.
  • Change your mindset from politics to a cold civil war. This one is going to be hard for conservatives to accept: we are living a post-constitutional country. The supreme law does not constrain the government or the Left. We are not trying to convince people. We will have to take institutions and government offices by sheer force of numbers and energy. That’s the hard fact of out present situation.

We are not storming the beaches at Normandy. We are in dire threat of defeat at Dunkirk. Prepare and act accordingly. Learn from your adversary. Use what works to win. Time is running out.

They have free activists to push the transgender child abuse agenda. We have to pay for our experts to Save James. Help us pay our way. Donate today.

Save James – Save Thousands of Children.

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