Doing Wrong is Not a Right

Advocates of transgender child abuse want to foist the moral and psychological confusion of innocent victimized children upon all parents, students, teachers, and on everyone. They claim both the right to create harmful delusions in very young children and the right to force everyone else to assent to those delusions.

These advocates for transgender child abuse use force – of law, of courts, of bullying, of disemployment, of harassment, of feckless professional bodies, psychologists, and pediatricians – to make us so fearful that we will deceive ourselves. Under the power of their propaganda and threats, they want us to conspire with them in their own self-deception.

They want nothing less than to reorganize real society around a fantasy world dancing in their deluded heads. They want to make the reorganization enforceable by men with guns and badges and black robes.

Consider the level of psychological and sexual abuse we see in child transgender cases.

The new normal. A ten-year-old boy poses with a nude man. His mother mother calls him “Queen Lactatia.” He “performs” before gay men who throw money at him like a stripper.

Transgender child abuse advocates force you to think this is normal, even good.

Think it can’t happen? They captured the American Psychological Association. They captured the American Academy of Pediatrics. Think about that.

They forced two preeminent professional bodies to profess a fantasy in which mothers deluding very young children to be gay strippers is good. And they’re telling judges in family court parents have to allow it or lose their kids.

Look at that picture again. Do you believe that the mother has the right to do that to a young innocent boy? There is no right to do wrong. This is wrong. Pure evil. The most fundamental form of sexual abuse of a child. And they want you to think its normal.

They are coming for your children in the schools, in the courts, in the workplace. What are you going to do about it?

James’ case is the vanguard case. If he loses, every child in Texas will lose. Look at that picture one last time. Think about what’s at stake for kids. Don’t let James’ mother, Anne Georgulas (on Facebook, on Twitter), do this to James.

Please help us cover legal and child care expenses to Save James.

Save James – Save thousands of children.

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