Happy Birthday Boys!

This past weekend the boys got to enjoy another haircut party! They enjoyed themselves so much and were very pleased with their new “dos”!  It was a huge and expensive ordeal to get approval for the haircuts but I know that Jeff agrees it was absolutely worth the happiness.

James and Jude turned 7 on Tuesday. They got to spend the evening with their dad and had a blast playing in the water on a hot Texas evening.

  • A pre-trial hearing is scheduled before Judge Kim Cooks on 22 May 2019. 
    • The hearing helps Judge Cooks understand what issues still need to be resolved at trial and to set a final trial date.
    • The trial date can be up to a year away, which adds to the legal fees.
    • Judge Cooks could require costly legal activities before trial, such as mandatory arbitration, a final settlement conference, or other legal activities.
  • Associate Judge Scott Beauchamp meets with counsel after the pre-trial hearing to discuss the issues relating to Anne Georgulas’ motions.
    • It is not an evidentiary hearing, so the lawyers only will probably meet in his chambers to review.
    • The judge says he is not inclined to seal the records and that the haircut issue has already been adjudicated.
    • We expect a flurry of costly legal activity by Anne Georgulas and her lawyer.
  • The custody evaluation is still going. We have no further updates from Dr. Albritton.

Obviously the need is still very great.

As soon as we know when that pre-trial is set we can really move forward and work towards getting these boys home with Dad all the time!

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support to help us Save James – Save Thousands of Children.

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