Influencing Elected Officials: A Practical Guide

Talk is not enough to Save James – save thousands of children. It’s not enough to inform people. It’s not enough to chat on social media. It feels good, but it won’t stop transgender child abuse.

We must take action, take back institutions captured by the trans ideologues. That’s the only way to stop the legalized, institutionalized transgender abuse of children in Texas and in the United States.

One place to start is with your elected officials. There’s an art to getting what you want from your representatives. Here’s how to Save James, save thousands of kids, by influencing elected officials.

  1. The most important rule for influencing elected officials is this: get to them first. If an official has already come to a decision, or worse gone public with a position, it’s very difficult to sway them from it. Politicians pay a huge price for inconsistency. Once they make a decision, they usually stick to it. If you can get a politician – a school board member, city councilman, state representative, etc. – to state position against transgender child abuse, they are locked in. If they have already taken a position in favor of transgender child abuse, you are locked out. That’s why we say: take action now! Meet with your elected officials and get them on the record before it’s too late.
  2. The personal story trumps everything. Personal stories move legislators to action. Human suffering and cruel acts of abuse against children are especially provocative for officials. When you talk to officials, focus on how the status quo allows schools, trans doctors, and parents to abuse children. Tell James’ story and how his father is fighting the government, the schools, doctors, and lawyers to save his son. Keep it personal and ask to for help to stop transgender child abuse.
  3. Use political and social affiliations. Tap advocacy groups, political groups, and local community groups. Organize a delegation to your elected officials that can speak for the affiliation group. Politicians know the power of grassroots organizations. They will listen to you. Make sure your delegation adheres to rule two above: keep it personal.

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Time is wasting. Talk is cheap. Take action! Donate!

Save James – save thousands of children.

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