Influencing Pediatricians: A Practical Guide

Professional organizations have a huge effect on how we live our lives. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)created guidelines for pediatricians to evaluate children for gender dysphoria. Every child is affected by these recommendations. James has been abused and victimized by the AAP’s policies.

Institutions like the AAP that have been captured by transgender ideologues. When we encounter captured institutions like the AAP, there are only three strategies.

  1. Ignore it and let them abuse children. If you are the kind of person who reads this blog, that’s not an option for you. You have a conscience and won’t sit still for child abuse.
  2. Recapture the institution. That’s an option if you are a pediatrician. And indeed many pediatricians are leading a counter-revolt within the AAP to take power away from the ideologues abusing children. We should support those efforts.
  3. Build alternative institutions. Amazing, committed professionals have done just that. They formed the American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) as an alternative to the captured AAP. Back ACPeds to the fullest.

You can help in two ways: reinforce efforts to recapture professional bodies and directly support building alternative institutions.

Let’s look at the the AAP again. What can you do to support alternative institutions that don’t abuse children like the AAP?

  • When possible, only use pediatricians that are members of the American College of Pediatricians.
  • If your pediatrician is not a member of ACPeds, ask them to join. Leave the practice if they don’t. If your pediatrician won’t support ACPeds, the provider is an active participant in transgender child abuse. Keep your kids away from provider that aren’t members of the American College of Pediatricians.
  • Tell your friends and community which providers belong to the ACPeds and which don’t. Encourage them to use pediatricians that oppose transgender child abuse. Especially let people know at your churches and charity organizations.
  • Publish reviews on social media and Google. Tell the world which pediatricians support ACPeds and which ones don’t. Explain why it’s important to you that pediatricians oppose transgender child abuse and support the work of ACPeds.
  • Donate to the American College of Pediatricians and support their research and events. Send encouraging letters and emails. Follow them on social media. (ACPeds currently does not allow supporting memberships. They should. We should all join the ACPeds and support them. Hopefully they will allow supporting memberships in the future.)

It’s up to you. Do you want a world in which the medical professionals charged with care of children instead actively abuse kids?

If that’s not for you, call your pediatrician today. Follow the guidelines above. Make changes happen in your own community. That’s how we win.

That’s how we Save James – save thousands of children.

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