It’s Transgender Child Abuse

Dr. John Whitehall offers a sensible take on the bizarre transgender child abuse phenomenon:

Most kids grow out of gender dysphoria. If kids are going to grow out of it, what’s all the fuss?

Well that’s the big issue. that’s the big problem, because the first step of this medical pathway in which many children are now being entered.

Might I add more often than not by a mother. I couldn’t believe that when I first heard it. A mother who becomes so enmeshed, so enthusiastic, so committed that she becomes a cheerleader for this process, driving the child to become the poster boy of the school […] the social transition, the changing of the names, the wearing of the dresses, the changing of the pronouns.

All of this is the first stage […] of the medical pathway.

It ends is forced sterilization, chemical and physical castration, then social banishment, despair, and suicide. The transgender child abuse community calls this “therapy.”

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