Now They’re Taking 4-year-olds

Queens Counsel David Williams, who allowed a dysfunctional foster family to destroy a child’s life.

Judges in the UK order the transition fo a 4-year-old, ignoring social services counselors and clinic experts who objected. The transgender cild abuse movement is not about medicine or psychology. It’s a political movement to radically alter or destroy the traditional family.

Read this, and then get the final kicker below the fold.

A judge in the United Kingdom ruled that a couple may send their 4-year-old foster son to school in girl’s clothing after allowing him to identify as a girl.

High Court Justice David Williams of the Royal Courts of Justice in Westminster decreed that despite objections by social services of Lancashire County, which had argued that the unnamed couple had “acted in a precipitate manner in relation to perceived gender dysphoria,” the boy should not be removed from his parents’ care as had been requested by Lancashire council officials. […]

In late 2018, staff at the NHS Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) at London’s Tavistock Clinic asserted that some cases of children claiming gender dysphoria had not been adequately assessed. Some patients agreed with senior staff about these concerns, leading to an investigation. In February 2019, the governor of the NHS trust who operated Tavistock resigned, having denounced its ”‘blinkered” attitude to the concerns.

Five former NHS clinicians who resigned from Tavistock allege that “life-changing medical intervention” for children and teens had been granted “without sufficient evidence of its long-term effects.” Some children, they said, were misdiagnosed as “transgender” because they had experienced same-sex sexual attractions.

The Kicker: This same foster family transitioned their own 3-year-old, and they claim that another foster care child in their care has signs of “gender dysphoria.” Is this family inducing psychological problems in toddlers in their foster care?

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