Our Story

Dear Friends,

Some of you are aware that our family has become very close with a family undergoing great hardship. For those unaware, and for those who don’t know everything, I have decided to share this story with you to ask that you pray for these dear people and for us as we continue to walk with them and do our best to be a part of their support system.

Our friend Jeff has twin 6 year old boys, James and Jude. Jeff is currently in a very tenuous custody battle as he and his ex-wife each fight for full custody. When the boys were 3 years old, Jeff’s ex-wife decided that James should not be a boy. She began dressing him as a girl, calling him by the name “Luna” and enrolled him in “social transitioning” therapy to prepare him for chemical castration. This process can begin at age 8. She has enrolled him in Coppell Schools as a girl. He is currently in 1st grade. The teachers and administrators know that he is a boy, but the other parents and students are unaware.

Courts have enjoined Jeff from dressing James as a boy at school, from teaching him that he is a boy, and from sharing religious teachings on sexuality and gender. He has been accused of abuse for saying that his son is a boy.

As you can imagine, this is very confusing for the child and his brother.

James can choose how he wants to dress when he is at home – and when he is with his father, he chooses to be a boy. He and his twin brother Jude have become our boys’ closest friends and they have such fun together. They are very much like our own kids with the same interests and personalities. You really would never assume that this is happening in the daily lives of these sweet kiddos.

We spend time with them regularly and I am attempting to share our many personal experiences in my bi-weekly blog update.

The mother continues to battle Jeff at court and is doing all that she can to keep him away from the boys altogether. She is a local pediatrician and has a great deal of support and financial backing.

Jeff, on the other hand, is doing this all on his own and with very limited resources. These boys need to be protected.

This is really happening right here where we live.

-Doctors perform sex-change surgeries on children in Texas

-Doctors chemically castrate children as young as 8 years old, to suppress puberty and prepare children for sex-change surgery.

-Courts force non-custodial parents to pay for transgender therapy and sexual mutilation of their own children. If parents object, the courts can remove parental rights and jail them.

-Schools are going along with it.

-Search for ‘GENECIS clinic’ to see what Children’s Hospital is doing to kids.

Here is how you can help…

  • PRAY!!! See PRAYER link for some beautiful intercessory prayers tailored specifically to these kids from scripture. Praying scripture is so powerful and helps when we don’t always have the words.
  • SHARE! Contact your local elected officials. Tell all your Christian friends. The more people that are aware, the better.
  • WHO DO YOU KNOW? – If you know anyone who has experience and could serve as an expert witness, please contact us via the CONTACT Link.
  • DONATE—use the DONATE Link to help Jeff with litigation and child care costs including counseling he and his children will need.
  • RAISE AWARENESS! – Help to raise awareness and funds by wearing a SAVE JAMES T-SHIRT.
  • CONTACT your local officials and lawmakers – click here for BASIC WORDING that you can copy and paste into a letter.

Thank you in advance, The Scott Family

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