Our Story

We are the Scott Family.

Joe, Sarah, Mackenzie, Grayson, Patton, Rowan and Lily.

We met Jeff Younger a few years ago and became friends. He told us about his divorce, twin sons and a little about his concerns for his son James. This was due to some unusual circumstances involving his ex-wife telling James that he was a girl. We, like many others, listened but assumed that it was a miscommunication or just part of an ugly divorce that would eventually blow over.
We were wrong. As time went by things progressed and Jeff’s ex-wife began not only dressing James as a girl at home, but began to call him by the name Luna, began taking him to therapy with a self-proclaiming gender transition therapist and enrolled him in school as a “girl”.
When our kids finally met, they hit it off immediately and became the best of friends.
Jeff’s twin sons James and Jude are 7. Our 3 boys are 10, 8, and 5. They jumped in immediately and became like a part of the family. I think it would break these kids hearts to be separated now.
When at home with Jeff, and when spending time with our family, James thoroughly enjoys being himself. He chooses to dress as a boy and vehemently refuses toys, games and clothing that could be considered even the slightest bit feminine.
This summer Jeff and his ex-wife entered into a battle for full custody. She accused Jeff of abuse for not affirming James as a girl. Jeff has been enjoined by the court from discussing or affirming his son’s biological gender, and from sharing his thoughts and religious beliefs with him. He cannot use male pronouns or call his son by name in any public place where he might be known as “Luna”.
Even though James does not meet the criteria for gender dysphoria, (he is not consistent, persistent or insistent that he is anything other than his biological gender) his mother continues to encourage a gender transition, socially for now, and chemically, as soon as he is of age, which can be as early as 8 years old. These hormone blockers can cause serious damage including sterility and bone density issues.
As our lives became more intertwined with these children who are our children’s closest and dearest friends- we realized that we could not stand by while this was happening to this family.
If I was unable to speak out and protect my children, I would pray that someone would step up and fight in my stead. Jeff cannot fight to protect his sons, but we can and will.
We believe that James and Jude are suffering great abuse… and that is why I personally started this website, the funding sites, the Facebook page and YouTube channel.
It’s hard to believe that this could actually happen right where we live. But it is happening quite literally in our own backyard.

-Doctors perform sex-change surgeries on children in Texas

-Doctors chemically castrate children as young as 8 years old, to suppress puberty and prepare children for sex-change surgery.

-Courts force non-custodial parents to pay for transgender therapy and sexual mutilation of their own children. If parents object, the courts can remove parental rights and jail them.

-Schools are going along with it.

-Search for ‘GENECIS clinic’ to see what Children’s Hospital is doing to kids.

Here is how you can help…

  • PRAY!!! See PRAYER link for some beautiful intercessory prayers tailored specifically to these kids from scripture. Praying scripture is so powerful and helps when we don’t always have the words.
  • SHARE! Contact your local elected officials. Tell all of your friends. The more people that are aware, the better.
  • WHO DO YOU KNOW? – If you know anyone who has experience and could serve as an expert witness, please contact us via the CONTACT Link.
  • DONATE to help Jeff with litigation and child care costs including counseling he and his children will need.
  • RAISE AWARENESS! – Help to raise awareness and funds by wearing a SAVE JAMES T-SHIRT.
  • CONTACT your local officials and lawmakers – click here for BASIC WORDING that you can copy and paste into a letter.

Thank you in advance, The Scott Family


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