Parents Refuse To Facilitate ‘Sex Change’ Of Autistic Son, So Authorities Threaten To Put Him In Foster Care

“Parents of a teenage son who has Asperger’s and autism were threatened by authorities to have their child placed in foster care after they refused to help facilitate a so-called “sex change” of the boy”.

Daily Wire

This is becoming more prevalent and parental rights are truly in danger. Our job as parents is to teach our children truth and make them consider the consequences of their actions.

“I’m absolutely devastated,” the boy’s mother told the outlet. “When I saw the report that social services wrote about us and saw the words ‘emotional abuse,’ I just broke down.”
“All we were doing was trying to get him to pause and think about his actions. My biggest worry as a mum is my child gets pushed down this route, becomes a woman, goes through the surgery, then gets to 25 and says, ‘I’ve made a mistake,’” she added.
The mother noted that she and her husband “read that these blockers might not be reversible and there might be long-term effects for brain development.”

Daily Wire

The term “abuse” is being thrown onto caring parents by those who are the actual “abusers”. Those who not only facilitate but push ideology onto children by means of manipulation are taking the world by storm.

James is at the center of such abuse. The very people who he should look to for leadership, the authority figures he deals with EVERY SINGLE DAY support and encourage a lie. A lie that will affect him forever.

How can we sit idly by and allow this? Do we care so little for our children and our society as a whole that we have given up and given in to this farce that living a life of lies harbors no consequence? It has real long-term emotional, psychological and spiritual consequences. We are not innocent, when we are party to taking a child’s right to a future life away. We are not innocent when we do nothing and allow this to happen. We are not innocent when we do not speak out against these atrocities.

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