Puberty Blockers Cause Gender Dysphoria

Once boys are chemically castrated by puberty blockers, they never again identify normally with their biological sex. The only follow-up study shows that all of the children put on puberty blocker chemical castration remained gender dysphoric and pursued sex change surgery. All of them.

Behavioral and emotional problems and depressive symptoms decreased, while general functioning improved significantly during puberty suppression. Feelings of anxiety and anger did not change between T0 and T1. While changes over time were equal for both sexes, compared with natal males, natal females were older when they started puberty suppression and showed more problem behavior at both T0 and T1. Gender dysphoria and body satisfaction did not change between T0 and T1.

No adolescent withdrew from puberty suppression, and all started cross-sex hormone treatment, the first step of actual gender reassignment.

Vries, Annelou L.C. de, Thomas D. Steensma, Theo A.H. Doreleijers, and Peggy T. Cohen‐Kettenis. “Puberty Suppression in Adolescents With Gender Identity Disorder: A Prospective Follow‐Up Study.” The Journal of Sexual Medicine, no. 8 (August 2011): 2276–83.

The transgender therapy advocates claim this is a vindication of their diagnostic protocol. They claim to have a 100% success rate in predicting who is seriously gender dysphoric.

Balderdash. The study shows that the transgender therapy diagnostic protocol is a total failure. This Journal of Medicine study shows:

  1. Puberty blocker chemical castration is an ineffective treatment for gender dysphoria. None of the children who who were chemically castrated got better. In fact, they got worse and moved on to surgical transition.
  2. Creating a hormonal and social environment that affirms gender dysphoric feelings causes children to remain gender dysphoric. Puberty blocker chemical castration is not a treatment. It’s operant conditioning a child to remain in a state of gender delusion.

The Family Research Council calls chemical castration treatments Hotel Trans. You can check-in but you can never leave.

Anecdotal stories abound of puberty blockers being the first step in an inevitable march toward the transsexual life. In the only study to date following gender dysphoric children who were socially affirmed and put on puberty blockers, 100 percent of the children continued to identify as transgender, and pursued further sex-change interventions.

One. Hundred. Percent. This stands in stark contrast to gender dsyphoric children who are allowed to go through puberty naturally. The American Psychiatric Association reports that up to 97.8 percent of boys and 88 percent of girls experience an end to their sex confusion and do not end up identifying as transgender adults.

Putting kids on puberty blockers does not let them choose anything. It makes the choice for them.

Hotel Trans: Check In Any Time, But Never Leave

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