Summary Case Documents

  • Essential DOSSIER including complete timeline, story, details and all court documents.
  • VALIDATION LETTER from State Representative Matt Rinaldi confirming the validity of this case.
  • LETTER REFUSING 2ND OPINION  and court ruling giving mother full rights to psychological care.

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Walt Heyer Books

  • New! TRANS LIFE SURVIVORS powerfully portrays the human toll inflicted by so-called “gender experts” who push gender transition on people who don’t need it.
  • A TRANSGENDER’S FAITH courageously challenges political correctness and the gender change activists who say “Transgenders are born that way” by daring to share the powerful testimony of one man’s faith and restoration to his birth gender.
  • PAPER GENDERS  debunks the glowing promises of gender change surgery and exposes the heart-breaking story of suicide and wrecked lives that the advocates would prefer to keep hidden.


  • PRAYER LINK for intercessory prayer resource.
  • TRISAGION PRAYER to be said for James Damianos and Jude Daniel, the twin boys involved in this case, and all Christians.