Russia TV 1 Tries to Make Sense of Transgender Child Abuse

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In the United States, in one of the most conservative states, Texas, with the cult of traditional values, there is a loud family scandal. Who is a six-year-old child – a boy or a girl – to be decided by the court. About this story Channel One told in the fall.

According to statistics, in the USA almost 1.5 million adults and 150 thousand teenagers consider themselves to be transgender people. How many such children are not specified. Doctors of special clinics willingly accept young patients – the sooner they begin therapy, the better.

For a fashionable short haircut father of James, he is in the next barber’s chair, can go to jail. And it’s not a joke. James has a middle name, Luna. So the child is called by the mother, who believes that her son is a daughter.

“I am obliged to use only the female pronoun“ she ”, only the name Luna. If I refuse to do this, I may be prevented from seeing my child and even arrested. Just for calling my son James, ”says Jeff Younger.

So decided the court, which turned the former wife of Jeff. After the couple divorced, the woman began to inspire the boy that he was a girl. The video was shot three years ago, when the child was three years old:

Father: You’re a boy, right?

James: No, I’m a girl.

Father: Who told you that you are a girl?

James: Mama.

Father: Why?

James: I like girls.

James is now six. All this time he has a double life. The court supported the demand of the mother, even though the child behaves like a normal boy with his father – he wears men’s clothes, loves to hit the ball, boyish games. The first channel was convinced of this:

Yulia: What kind of sport do you like?

James: I love wrestling!

Yulia: Which one?

James: Hand-to-hand combat!

When a child with his mother Anna – he reincarnates into a girl. In the church and school, James is known as the moon, even in school documents the name is changed.

“She dresses him in women’s clothes, paints his nails, buys women’s shoes. When I talk to him on Skype and he and his mother, he is in makeup. His eyelashes and lips are made up, ”says Jeff Younger.

Since Jeff refuses to consider his son a daughter, his ex-wife is now trying to limit his parental rights through court. And at the same time obliged to pay the process of changing the sex. In Texas, the first in the Wild West clinic for transgender children has recently opened.

Texas is one of the most conservative American states. Remember the movies about cowboys and wild west saloons? Texas has always been associated with the place where real macho live.

Now, in promotional videos, teens tell how a boy becomes a girl and vice versa. Jeff claims that his son is already registered at the clinic. To communicate with our film crew of Channel One, its representatives refused.

“They offer a procedure for the hormonal suppression of puberty. They use hormonal drugs. Boys stop growing genitals, “- says Jeff Younger.

In fact, the son of Jeff in the case of a positive decision of the court faces chemical castration. This is an exclusive interview for Channel One as a cry of despair!

“In the West, there is a huge campaign for the normalization of all types of abnormal manifestations of gender. In fact, it is undermining traditional values. In my opinion, this goal is the same – the destruction of the family. In my case, this led to the woman single-handedly deciding to make a girl out of a boy and wants to castrate him. And I can do nothing. It seems incredible, but it is, ”explains Jeff Younger.

His ex-wife, by the way, a well-known pediatrician in the city, avoids the attention of journalists in every way. While Channel One was filming her workplace, she called the police. Residents of a small Texan town in which the child lives are shocked by what is happening.

Joe and Sarah Scott even created a website in defense of James on the Internet.

“You can’t drive a car until you’re 16 years old. You cannot get a tattoo until you are 18. You cannot buy alcohol until you are 21 years old. Why is sex change wrong? After all, it changes all my life. A child should not make such decisions, ”stresses Sarah Scott.

That is what Jeff is trying to prove in court. And since American law is a precedent, the fate of not only six years old James from Texas, but also a huge number of children in modern America depends on the outcome of this process.

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