Second Opinion?

There has been such an outpouring of support and I have been receiving hundreds of emails. Most have been kind and encouraging and several have had very good questions. There will always be those who doubt the validity of a story that seems so extreme. But I have been encouraged by the many stories of other families fighting very similar battles.

I have been doing my best to reply to all – but there is only one little me. I will do my best to get back with everyone if I can.

A very important question raised is this, “Why doesn’t Jeff get a second opinion?”

Personally I want to know why any parent wouldn’t want several opinions from various sources with an issue of this magnitude.┬áIn a situation like this, it would seem in the best interest of the child. Which is what Jeff wants – the best interest of his child.

Attached is documentation showing that Jeff is not allowed to get a second opinion and the mother has complete rights over psychological treatment.

Letter Refusing 2nd Opinion and Court Judgement

Please continue to share.

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