The courts have imposed on James a double life. At Anne Georgulas’ (on Facebook,on Twitter) home, James lives as a fake girl. With his father, he lives as a normal boy. But James is just one boy with one life. His fake life intrudes in tragic ways on his real life as a boy.

Secrets at School

Father: What did you do today at school?

James: I wrote a story.

Father: Wow! I’m proud of you. Tell me your story!

James: (head down, ashamed) It’s a secret.

Secrets from Friends

James is with a group of friends talking about Halloween.

Friend: What’s are you going to wear for Halloween?

James: (head down, ashamed) It’s a secret.

Secrets about Clothes

James is on FaceTime with his father. His mother is watching imperiously in the background.

Father: Why is the screen so close to your face? I can only see your eyes.

James: (looks nervously at his mother) It’s a secret.

Secrets About His Home

Father: Are you forced to wear girl’s clothes?

James: (head down, ashamed) I’m uncomfortable talking about this.

Child Abuse

Transgender child abuse and a feeble court system force James into a double life of lies. How can the courts let this go on? How could they establish it in the first place? Why is Anne Georgulas doing this to an innocent boy?

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