The Pattern of Expansion (Part 3)

This is an extended series on how the Left expands its power over culture, especially on transgender issues. See the previous parts of this series below.

The World Health Organization is forcing normalization of transgenderism.

The World Health Organization (WHO) initiates the process of political coercion leading to mandatory transgender child abuse.

The World Health Organization has officially decided to stop classifying transgender people as mentally ill.

WHO member states adopted the new edition of the International Classification of Diseases during an annual assembly in Geneva on Saturday. It is the first update of the illness list in 29 years.

They now describe gender identity disorder as “gender incongruence” and it is no longer listed in the chapter of mental disorders.

The WHO says the right of people to receive medical services, such as surgical operations to make them sterile, should be guaranteed.

World events force me to reprise some ideas from an earlier post, The Pattern of Expansion. In that post, I explain the steps used by the Left to expand their power into all areas of life, including transgender child abuse.

  1. Identify a tradition.
  2. Create a grievance class, no matter how small, in opposition to the foundational practices of the tradition.
  3. Get organizations of influence, usually professional bodies or government agencies, to recognize the grievance class.
  4. Create a plausible case that the practices of the grievance class are normal human variation and should be more tolerated. Suppress any discussion of potentially anti-social problems with the grievance class’ practices.
  5. Convert the practices of the grievance class into a status. This is usually accomplished by claiming something innate and immutable about the grievance class.
  6. Convert the discussion from one of toleration to one of rights.
  7. Use “professional” bodies and the courts to construe the new status and rights as within the bounds of existing rights laws.
  8. Force everyone to accept the previously anti-social practices of the grievance class.

The WHO brings us to step 5. They officially recognized transgenderism as a normal human type, step 4. Then they infer that transgenderism is a status with special rights, step 5 and 6.

A representative from Denmark welcomed the latest changes, saying that it is a big step forward to allow everyone to lead a life with dignity.

The WHO hopes that the action will help to eliminate discrimination against transgender people and promote public understanding of them.

The Who hopes that this action will lead to step 7, the application of anti-discrimination and hate speech laws against anyone who opposes normalizing transgenderism.

Soon you will lose your kids and be jailed for even speaking against transgender child abuse.

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