The Pattern of Expansion (Part 4)

George Orwell

This is an extended series on how the Left expands its power over culture, especially on transgender issues. See the previous parts of this series below.

To combat transgender child abuse, we need to take language more seriously, says Deion A. Kathawa.

A mere five years ago, transgenderism was a fringe phenomenon. Back then, many Americans would have scoffed at the idea that a biological male could be a woman simply because he declared himself to be one, and vice versa. They would have been right to scoff. Because it’s patently absurd. […]

What to make of transgenderism was once an open question; perhaps even a sensible debate could have been had about it. But in a few short months, we went from groping for the beginnings of a discussion on the topic to fighting a desperate rearguard action: defending the validity of sex-segregated bathrooms and locker rooms […]

We debate the people pushing this delusion. We accept them as conversation partners who are engaged in a good-faith pursuit of truth. That’s the power of the megaphone. It forces us to take nonsense seriously. […]

It doesn’t get more ridiculous than that. Until the Right wises up, and starts challenging this rigged game, the Left will keep control of the megaphone. And we’ll deserve it.

People who support transgender child abuse are not pursuing truth in good faith. Rather, they seek to use language to create power. This leftist language-power imposes intellectual limitations in the form of liberation. Truth is rejected. Consistency is rare. But it goes by unnoticed and unchallenged by the Right.

Consider how transgender advocates use contradictory discourse as a political and pseudo-scientific strategy:

  • Trans says: Gender is socially constructed. But, transgenderism is biologically innate and immutable.
  • Trans says: Gender is unrelated to biological sex. But, it’s imperative to halt the development of a child’s genitals, and perhaps even remove them.
  • Trans says: Our views are based on science. But, any challenge to transgender theories is bigotry and irrational.

The common pattern is to mix subjective relativism on the one hand and dogmatic absolutism on the other. Transgender child abusers are well aware of these contradictions. Their opponents, like us, continually raise this objection.

Since they know the objection, one wonders: to which side of the contradiction is the transgender child abuser most committed? There are three possibilities.

  1. Relativism is primary, but with some absolutist qualifications.
  2. Absolutism is primary, with some relativistic qualifications.
  3. Relativism and absolutism coexist in the transgender child abuse ideology, but it has no psychological effect on the professional child abusers themselves.

One notable feature of the transgender child abuse movement is the uniformity of ideology among all of its adherents. This rules out the first option. The second option is incompatible with the main arguments given by the trans child abusers. They understand gender as a relative, and purely subjective, attribute that anyone should be free to take upon themselves at any age.

That leaves only the third possibility. It fits well with what we observe. The transgender child abuse movement is a political movement. It is neither scientific, nor a theory of psychology, nor limited by patterns of scientific discourse. Transgender child abuse advocates are not seeking the truth. Transgender child abusers are trying to impose a political policy on us.

They do not seek to resolve the tension of their contradictions. To be motivated to find the truth, to resolve the contradictions — children have to matter. The nihilism of the transgender child abuser is never far from the surface. Children don’t matter to them because nothing maters. More than any other ideology, transgender child abuse embodies the politics of ressentiment.

We will not reason our way to a compromise with these professional child abusers. There is no middle way. They must be defeated. Our next installment will explain why they haven’t yet been defeated.

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