The Pattern of Expansion

This is an extended series on how the Left expands its power over culture, especially on transgender issues. See the previous parts of this series below.

Anne Georgulas changed James from a boy to a girl on her business website.

Consider how courts came to accept transgender child abuse as normal. The child-abuse-left identified traditional child rearing practices as vital for maintaining Christian practices. Christian teachings are based on biological sex not gender. The child-abuse-left located a grievance class of people, transgender persons who do not base their identity on biological sex. They are very few in number.

They got the American Psychological Association (APA) and other professional bodies to recognize their grievances as a class. Eventually, through bureaucratic and political action not scientific methods, they convinced the APA to reclassify transgenderism as a normal human type. For children this was the change from gender identity disorder to gender dysphoria. Dysphoria is the discomfort felt when your society does not accept your “normal” human variation.

They then set about, by dubious means, to demonstrate that transgenderism is a status not a practice or mere discomfort. Transgenderism became something one was born with. They claimed that transgenderism is so immutable that any attempt to change it is sure to provoke suicide.

Once the transgender status was accepted, transgender advocates began to attach rights to the status. These rights stem not from the ancient and customary practices of the people, but from abstract ideas about abstract interests. They went to court to secure these new rights under existing legal frameworks, such as civil rights laws, discrimination law, etc.

Together with the professional bodies like the APA and the courts, they have forced parents and teachers and everyone to pretend that a boy is a girl. That it’s good to castrate young boys with hormone blockers. That it’s good to cut off the breasts of teen-aged girls.

They have not convinced anyone, but they have been successful in forcing people to go along with it. Eventually, it is thought, transgender child abuse will just become normal, it’ll become normal to sexually mutilate children.

The same pattern has repeated for other issues. Social deconstruction follows a pattern.

  1. Identify a tradition.
  2. Create a grievance class, no matter how small, in opposition to the foundational practices of the tradition.
  3. Get organizations of influence, usually professional bodies or government agencies, to recognize the grievance class.
  4. Create a plausible case that the practices of the grievance class are normal human variation and should be more tolerated. Suppress any discussion of potentially anti-social problems with the grievance class’ practices.
  5. Convert the practices of the grievance class into a status. This is usually accomplished by claiming something innate and immutable about the grievance class.
  6. Convert the discussion from one of toleration to one of rights.
  7. Use “professional” bodies and the courts to construe the new status and rights as within the bounds of existing rights laws.
  8. Force everyone to accept the previously anti-social practices of the grievance class.

We are often asked, “How could this be happening? Isn’t this illegal?”

No, it isn’t. But if you know how things come to be, you can learn how to prevent those things. We want to give you a framework to understand how we as a country came to this sorry state in the courts and schools, a state in which children are chemically castrated by puberty blockers, where children are sexually mutilated, where they are lied to about their own sexual identity.

James at church with his father, Jeff Younger.

If you have a social issue you care about, know the stage you’re in. Momentum gathers from one stage to another. The later stages require lots of money and help from conservative foundations. That kind of help is rarely available in family court, where most child transgender issues are settled.

That’s why we need your help. We can tell you what we’ve learned, how to spot trouble in your schools, and how to take action and stop it. But we’re trying to save the life of a little boy named James, too.

We’re going against the most powerful political force in the United States to Save James. Our adversaries are practiced, well funded, and they mean to ruin James’ life. Help us pay for our expert witnesses and court expenses. If we lose, thousands of kids will lose.

Save James, save thousands of children.

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