The Tools of Influence: A Practical Guide

You want to stop transgender child abuse. But how? Let’s look at the basic ways you can influence events in our free country.

You can use all of these approaches:

  • raise public awareness
  • create durable relationships with media organizations and thought leaders
  • exert political pressure
  • exert economic pressure
  • exert cultural pressure
  • use the courts

In previous posts, we’ve covered how to influence elected officials; that’s the most direct way to exert political influence and raise public awareness. We also explained how to influence licensed care providers like pediatricians; that’s a direct way to exert economic and cultural pressure.

Tools of Influence

What makes governments and professional bodies change their behavior and policies? Either their members are moved by their individual consciences or the organization fears future losses. That’s how change happens.

Public Awareness

Public awareness works well for the Save James movement. Most people are totally opposed to transgender child abuse. Merely informing the public creates pressure on politicians and professionals. Some tools for raising public awareness:

  • Community groups
  • Churches
  • Letters to the editor
  • Rallies in conspicuous locations with media presence

Media Relations

Getting the media to cover transgender child abuse is both easy and difficult. It’s easy to get them interested in the story. It’s hard to get them to be fair and accurate. Good tools for media relations:

  • Media releases (essential for communicating to both traditional and independent journalists)
  • Emails and letters to favored reporters and producers
  • Website updates the showcase a reporters work
  • Interviews
  • Invitations to Public Awareness events

Cultural Pressure

Do not discount the power of culture. Even though the transgender child abuse movement has had success in changing the culture, the strong pull remains of the traditional American way of life. This is especially true of our traditional child rearing practices.

Let me give an example from another area of attack by the transgender child abusers: the idea of ‘toxic masculinity.’ (See video explanation here.) Everyone knows the facts about fatherless children. They underperform in school, have higher rates of criminality, have lower educational attainment, and lower adult wages.

If ‘toxic masculinity’ were a real thing, wouldn’t fatherless children do better without the influence of ‘toxic masculinity?’ That’s what we would expect from the data, if the ‘toxic masculinity’ thesis was true.

But the data and common experience shows just the opposite. Children with fathers do much better. Everyone knows it. It’s common sense. People simply don’t believe this ‘toxic masculinity’ nonsense.

Likewise, people are entitled to use their common sense about child rearing. Whether it’s political or from the professional organizations – people just don’t believe the premises of the transgender child abuse movement. Their claims don’t match the lived experience of hundreds of millions of American families with children.

We have to give people the room to use their common sense. A child who can’t legally assent to a tattoo, cannot be legally competent to make long-term, irreversible decisions about their gender. That’s for parents to decide.

Where parents disagree, the parent seeking extraordinary variance from traditional child rearing norms has the burden of proof. And we are entitled to discount psychological and medical transgender theories that are every bit as contradictory and silly as ‘toxic masculinity.’

Don’t allow the transgender child abuse language to overtake your traditional language culture.

Don’t give up the language. Don’t be afraid to confront people who assault your culture. You have the home court advantage. It’s your culture built over thousands of years. They are asking you to throw all of it out to satisfy a few loud-mouth psychologists? Not going to happen.

Don’t give up the culture. Don’t look away. Deal with it.

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