Transgender Activists Against Science

Transgender activists have a program to censor scientific literature. They use the politically biased results to influence public policy and court cases.

Trans activists shutdown research into alternative explanations of so-called gender dysphoria.

Critics of Gliske’s paper continued to lobby. They launched a petition on demanding that eNeuro retract the article. According to the petition —  which now has nearly 900 signatures

Retraction Watch

The research author, Stephen Gliske, posted a response. His theory posits:

1. A focus on the function of the brain regions studied rather than just the size and what is typical for cisgender males and females.

2. Pointing out that the experience of incongruence between one’s body and desired gender could be due to changes in an individual’s sense of gender, rather than an individual having the brain sex of the desired gender.

3. Identifying that hormone concentrations may have a direct role in the symptoms of gender dysphoria. Thus, it is possible that hormones could have direct value in relieving symptoms rather than being just part of transition to a desired gender. For example, in previous studies, hormonal treatments were found to reverse the observed anatomical effects and increase consistency between self-perception and actual body image (Burke et al., 2017; Kilpatrick et al, 2019). This could explain this individual’s experience. Note, all brains use both testosterone and estrogen to function. Testosterone is not just for males and estrogen is not just for females.

During this last review, the reviewers called point #2 above “disrespectful” and “ludicrous.” I recognize that it may appear disrespectful to scientifically study whether individuals with gender dysphoria have limitations in their ability to sense their own gender. However, since we do not know the true cause of gender dysphoria, it is not disrespectful. If my theory is true, it is no different than saying that someone with colorblindness cannot sense colors correctly. Just like with color blindness, I am not suggesting we disregard their experience nor the challenges they face. However, we cannot truly help all individuals with gender dysphoria in the best ways unless we really understand the underlying biology. Stating that my theory is disrespectful indicates that it is being viewed through the bias of assuming that the brain sex theory is true. No theory regarding the cause of gender dysphoria has been proven true.

Stephen V Gliske, PhD

The journal pulled the article anyway.

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