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Help Save James. Stop transgender child abuse in Texas family courts.

Jeff Younger has twin 6 year old boys, James and Jude. Jeff’s ex-wife, Anne Georgulas, says the boy James is a transgender girl.

The mother is asking the courts to takeaway the father’s parental rights – merely for affirming the biological sex of his son. In Cause No. DF15-09887-S, Anne Georgulas has asked the Texas 255th District Court to:

  • jail the father if he says James is a boy or if he presents James as a boy outside the home
  • jail the father if he refuses to attend transgender ideology education classes, or fails to obtain a satisfactory grade in the course
  • jail the father if he uses male pronouns for his son James, or if the father allows anyone else to use male pronouns for James
  • jail the father if he refuses to pay for transgender “therapies” and future sexual mutilation of his son
  • severely limit the father’s time with James and Jude, if the father refuses to affirm that James is a girl
  • prevent the father from participating in school activities

The courts are taking this grossly unconstitutional petition seriously. The father is currently under a court injunction that prohibits him from trying to convince his son that he really is a boy.

The injunction prevents the father from teaching his son traditional Christian doctrine on sexuality and gender.

The mother accuses the father of child abuse merely for affirming his son’s biological sex and for simply stating that his son is a boy. The father lost his job because this “abuse” became known to his employers.

James can choose how he wants to dress when he is at home. When James is with his father, James happily chooses to be a boy and enjoys doing typical boy activities.

The court costs, legal fees, and child support have drained the father’s finances. The father is completely on his own fighting to protect his children against two of the most aggressive and well-funded law firms in Texas. This case pits a rich doctor with millions against a stay-at-home father fighting for his son’s life.

Please visit www.SaveJames.com for complete details, copies of court documents, and ways you can help.

Save James – Save thousands of children.