The Tools of Influence: A Practical Guide

You want to stop transgender child abuse. But how? Let’s look at the basic ways you can influence events in our free country.

You can use all of these approaches:

  • raise public awareness
  • create durable relationships with media organizations and thought leaders
  • exert political pressure
  • exert economic pressure
  • exert cultural pressure
  • use the courts

In previous posts, we’ve covered how to influence elected officials; that’s the most direct way to exert political influence and raise public awareness. We also explained how to influence licensed care providers like pediatricians; that’s a direct way to exert economic and cultural pressure.

Tools of Influence

What makes governments and professional bodies change their behavior and policies? Either their members are moved by their individual consciences or the organization fears future losses. That’s how change happens.

Public Awareness

Public awareness works well for the Save James movement. Most people are totally opposed to transgender child abuse. Merely informing the public creates pressure on politicians and professionals. Some tools for raising public awareness:

  • Community groups
  • Churches
  • Letters to the editor
  • Rallies in conspicuous locations with media presence

Media Relations

Getting the media to cover transgender child abuse is both easy and difficult. It’s easy to get them interested in the story. It’s hard to get them to be fair and accurate. Good tools for media relations:

  • Media releases (essential for communicating to both traditional and independent journalists)
  • Emails and letters to favored reporters and producers
  • Website updates the showcase a reporters work
  • Interviews
  • Invitations to Public Awareness events

Cultural Pressure

Do not discount the power of culture. Even though the transgender child abuse movement has had success in changing the culture, the strong pull remains of the traditional American way of life. This is especially true of our traditional child rearing practices.

Let me give an example from another area of attack by the transgender child abusers: the idea of ‘toxic masculinity.’ (See video explanation here.) Everyone knows the facts about fatherless children. They underperform in school, have higher rates of criminality, have lower educational attainment, and lower adult wages.

If ‘toxic masculinity’ were a real thing, wouldn’t fatherless children do better without the influence of ‘toxic masculinity?’ That’s what we would expect from the data, if the ‘toxic masculinity’ thesis was true.

But the data and common experience shows just the opposite. Children with fathers do much better. Everyone knows it. It’s common sense. People simply don’t believe this ‘toxic masculinity’ nonsense.

Likewise, people are entitled to use their common sense about child rearing. Whether it’s political or from the professional organizations – people just don’t believe the premises of the transgender child abuse movement. Their claims don’t match the lived experience of hundreds of millions of American families with children.

We have to give people the room to use their common sense. A child who can’t legally assent to a tattoo, cannot be legally competent to make long-term, irreversible decisions about their gender. That’s for parents to decide.

Where parents disagree, the parent seeking extraordinary variance from traditional child rearing norms has the burden of proof. And we are entitled to discount psychological and medical transgender theories that are every bit as contradictory and silly as ‘toxic masculinity.’

Don’t allow the transgender child abuse language to overtake your traditional language culture.

Don’t give up the language. Don’t be afraid to confront people who assault your culture. You have the home court advantage. It’s your culture built over thousands of years. They are asking you to throw all of it out to satisfy a few loud-mouth psychologists? Not going to happen.

Don’t give up the culture. Don’t look away. Deal with it.

Save James – save thousands of children. #savejames

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The courts have imposed on James a double life. At Anne Georgulas’ (on Facebook,on Twitter) home, James lives as a fake girl. With his father, he lives as a normal boy. But James is just one boy with one life. His fake life intrudes in tragic ways on his real life as a boy.

Secrets at School

Father: What did you do today at school?

James: I wrote a story.

Father: Wow! I’m proud of you. Tell me your story!

James: (head down, ashamed) It’s a secret.

Secrets from Friends

James is with a group of friends talking about Halloween.

Friend: What’s are you going to wear for Halloween?

James: (head down, ashamed) It’s a secret.

Secrets about Clothes

James is on FaceTime with his father. His mother is watching imperiously in the background.

Father: Why is the screen so close to your face? I can only see your eyes.

James: (looks nervously at his mother) It’s a secret.

Secrets About His Home

Father: Are you forced to wear girl’s clothes?

James: (head down, ashamed) I’m uncomfortable talking about this.

Child Abuse

Transgender child abuse and a feeble court system force James into a double life of lies. How can the courts let this go on? How could they establish it in the first place? Why is Anne Georgulas doing this to an innocent boy?

Help us Save James – Save thousands of children.

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Had dinner with Jeff and the boys last night. It’s amazing how withdrawn Jude is after time away from his dad. He clings to him and you can tell that the separation is painful for them all. There is an urgency as each day of abuse affects the psychological and emotional development of these kids.

Momentum has certainly slowed over the holidays, but the need is greater than ever and the coming weeks will likely be filled with work in preparation for court.

  • The immediate and urgent need is:
    • $15,000.00 to retain expert witnesses
    • $25,000.00 more to fund them

The two organizations that have offered help are unable to offer financial assistance at this time – only counsel and witness referral. 

Please continue to share and help in any way you are able. The lives of two very dear boys hang in the balance.


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New Year – Latest News

I know you all have been waiting for an update, and Im sorry to say that there is very little to report. Jeff had the boys for the first week of the Christmas break, but the second week of the Christmas break fell during his usual weekend with the boys which means extended time away from them. He will see them this Thursday night for the first time since December 28. And will not get them for a weekend again until Friday the 18th. 

As far as further court proceedings, much hinges on Dr. Albritton, the psychological custody evaluator. Until he has completed his study of both children and parents as well as close friends that are directly involved in the daily lives of these kids, we are sort of at a standstill. 

Please pray for him to be wise, thorough and motivated to focus on this case so that things can begin to move faster. Every day that remains the same is another day of abuse in the lives of these kids. The profile and sensitivity of the issue at hand and the media attention towards transgender equality has blinded a number of professionals from applying their training, skill and common sense. We hope that Dr. Albritton will not fall victim to the same fear and boldly proceed with recommendations to assure their safety. 

The only good thing about this time is that it allows Jeff and his attorney to really work on a game plan and to gather both legal and financial support to prepare for the trial that will inevitably be very large and very expensive.

Momentum is obviously down due in part to the holidays and to the lack of media attention. 

Please remember that although I am a 3rd party journalist and can talk about my first hand experience, Jeff is still forced to hold his tongue and must be very cautious about what he says. This makes print media a safer forum for the time being and we are hopeful that some new articles will surface in the coming days. 

Thanks to all your support and assistance, both Alliance Defending Freedom and the Thomas Moore society have reached out and offered some assistance to Jeff’s attorney. We aren’t sure to what extent at this point, but it is certainly good news that these large organizations are taking notice.

We are now at 1 million views! Please continue to share and direct people to the website.

Thank you all for your continued support. 

Sarah Scott

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We gave this little man an art kit for Christmas and for a whole week he carried it everywhere he went. I love the masterpieces he creates for us – and the way he signs his name. CURSIVE! In first grade! He loved my husbands fedora, so we found him one. Such a handsome and talented boy. We treasure each and every moment we get to spend with him and his brother and father.


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Please Help

This past week Jeff took the boys for an appointment with Dr. Benjamin Albritton, who is the psychological custody evaluator. Those of you who are praying, please pray that he would be granted wisdom in this time with them and that James will feel comfortable and feel safe enough to be truthful. 

We believe that Dr. Albritton has already observed the boys with their mother where James was required to be Luna. 

We hope today that Dr. Albritton can see the bright and fun loving boy he is with us on a regular basis and would be able to determine the best actions for the safety of James and Jude.

In addition – several people have asked, “What can we do to help?”

I think it would be helpful for Dr. Albritton to see that James has a very large group of diverse supporters who want to see him protected and are uncomfortable (to say the least), with the situation he is currently in. 

I have attached a form letter that you can use as a basic template if you would like to write his office and express your concerns. I implore you to take a few minutes to copy and paste this letter and send to Dr. Albritton. Feel free to add your own personal touch if you have the time or have more you wish to say, so that he can see how many people are truly concerned for the lives of these precious little people. 

He can be reached through his case manager Brenda Martin at: 
Southwest Clinical and Forensics
Preston Commons – West Tower
8117 Preston Rd. Suite 682
Dallas, TX 75225

Dear Dr. Albritton, 

I am writing to express my great concern over a situation involving the custody battle for James and Jude Younger. I respect that you are in a very difficult situation trying to determine the best, safest and most healthy family environment for both children. 

As a community, a great number of people are concerned for the welfare of both children and especially for the well being of James who is young and impressionable and in a very precarious position. 

We urge you to hear the father out as he desires the protection of his biological children and seeks to give James time to grow up before being required to fill a gender role that he does not fully understand and does not fully embrace. 

We have seen much evidence to prove that he enjoys being his biological gender and is happy participating with other boys in activities that could be classified as boyish. We believe that he deserves time to grow to be the person he chooses. We stand behind Jeff Younger in his efforts to do what is best for his children.

Please take my extreme concern into consideration.


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Petition Trouble

There are always hiccups in a battle. Small things that frustrate and attempt to take focus off the important issue. The issue here is not about groups of people and their like or dislike of each others beliefs – this is about the protection of a child. A child who should have the right to a future of his own choosing, a child who deserves the very best care and concern for his welfare. 

As I mentioned in another post, a very kind supporter started a petition to help in our efforts to protect James and to increase support. He emailed to let me know that due to complaints (made by someone who wishes to stop our efforts to protect James) first took away the comment section and now have sent him legal notice to remove James’ picture and name. 

We could always start a new petition, but there are so many signatures and such support that we would prefer to keep it going. The author has made some changes that should be fine legally and the site is still going strong. Please continue to share.

SIGN the PETITION going to Texas Legislature to protect James and other children like him.

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Fun with Friends

Last night the Youngers came over for pizza and fun with friends. We sat around the table pigging out, laughing a lot and enjoying the coolest boys we know.

James and Patton and I created cool art projects while Jude and Grayson and Rowan built Lego masterpieces. Then all the boys pretended to be spies and tried to sneak up on the parents.

Its such fun to see these boys play with Jeff and witness his evident love for them.

Please continue to pray and share. 

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Motion to close court documents

An update on proceedings… the mother’s attorneys have filed a motion to close court documents so this very well may be the last legal document I am able to upload. We do not have a court date yet, but we expect it will be soon and we are very curious to see what she will bring to the proceedings that she wants to keep from the public. We appreciate the continued encouragement and will do our best to keep everyone updated.

Thank you. 




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Second Opinion?

There has been such an outpouring of support and I have been receiving hundreds of emails. Most have been kind and encouraging and several have had very good questions. There will always be those who doubt the validity of a story that seems so extreme. But I have been encouraged by the many stories of other families fighting very similar battles.

I have been doing my best to reply to all – but there is only one little me. I will do my best to get back with everyone if I can.

A very important question raised is this, “Why doesn’t Jeff get a second opinion?”

Personally I want to know why any parent wouldn’t want several opinions from various sources with an issue of this magnitude. In a situation like this, it would seem in the best interest of the child. Which is what Jeff wants – the best interest of his child.

Attached is documentation showing that Jeff is not allowed to get a second opinion and the mother has complete rights over psychological treatment.

Letter Refusing 2nd Opinion and Court Judgement

Please continue to share.

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Boys Weekend

Last night my two oldest boys had a sleepover at Jeff’s house with James and Jude. It was their first real sleepover without mom and dad or a grandparent… and they enjoyed every minute.

Tonight these boys came over to our house for dinner and afterwards – wrestled and played battleship and dressed up as super heroes and every giggle was pure joy. James took the lead and arm-wrestled and then tackled my husband with all the boys in a huge pile up. It was noisy and crazy and exactly the way a group of boys has fun. (video link below)

My kitchen is messy, and I am tired – but my heart is full. There is always a twinge of sadness when they leave – but a hope that one day soon this will be an everyday occurrence and not just the few weekends each month they spend with dad.


James- arm wrestle


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Unfavorable Terms

As an update from my blog post on November 16, Jeff may be forced to accept unfavorable terms as it pertains to a restraining order preventing him from entering the City of Coppell. This will allow him only to enter Coppell to pick up the boys and return them to the mother’s office in exchange for an additional hour of time with them. He is always grateful for more time with them and while that extra hour will be spent in the car transporting the kids away and back, at least that is time to talk with them and express how much they mean to him.

Still, this is unfortunate as it does not allow the boys to go to their favorite playground or restaurants with their dad, which they love doing. As much as he would love to fight this, the lack of funds prevents him from being able to fight each and every new thing brought against him.

There has been a generous outpouring of support and we are so very grateful, but the need is greater still. The recent donations have been applied to attorney fees and the psychological custody evaluator.

Please continue to share.

Thanks! – Sarah

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They will know… by our love.

A huge thank you to the many people who have been viewing the site and the overwhelming outpouring of support for James. I do want to make it ABSOLUTELY clear that we do not encourage or support any negative action against his mother. While we do not agree with her actions at this time, we do not wish any ill will towards her. As Christians, it is our desire for her heart to change and for her to have a great relationship with her children. Our Christian response should never be to intentionally cause damage. I urge you to remember that we are known by our love. If you are moved by concern to support or take action in some way, I ask that you write our lawmakers and representatives about the great need for the protection of our children. We love this family and desire in all things to be loving and above reproach. I do hope that you will share my desire for the best for all involved.

Thank you.

– Sarah

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We are so blessed to have met Walt Heyer and thankful for this brilliant article about what is happening with James. We pray that this will motivate others to pray, help, support and publicize so that we can protect him.

Please read and share!

The Federalist Article about James by Walt Heyer

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Giving Thanks – Despite Heartache

We were supposed to spend this weekend with Jeff and the boys, but unfortunately the mother denied him time with them. Because next week is a holiday, the state allows the holiday to begin at 6pm on the day the kids are “released from school” for the holiday -so the kids are separated from Jeff for 3 weeks (including this past week). He will not see them again until the 30th.

This is very hard on him and even harder on the boys. To add insult to injury, her lawyer has requested that Jeff be denied access to the city of Coppell.

During his bi-weekly Thursday night 2 hour time with the kids, Jeff picks the boys up and takes them to dinner and to play. 2 hours isn’t much time, so the boys like to go to a local park nearby. They love to go there, but the attorney claims that James could be placed in an embarrassing situation if he encounters anyone from school or a neighbor that sees him dressed as a boy.

James likes to be dressed as a boy when he spends time with Jeff and when his dad picks him up from his mother’s home.

They have also requested that he no longer pick the boys up from her home, but from her office. This would appear to be in effort to prevent neighbors from seeing him in his chosen form of masculine clothing.

The boys continue to request playing at this park and James continues to request boys clothes at these times. Fear of embarrassment therefore is not on part of the children, but on those who would portray James in opposition to his preference.

While saddened and burdened greatly by heartache for what these kids suffer, in this time of Thanksgiving- I’m thankful that James expresses such fondness for his natural biological identity and pray that he will continue to be brave and truthful.

Please pray for the protection of these children and encourage others to do so as well.

The legal fees are still staggering and the need is great. The future of a child’s life hangs in the balance. If it is within your means and ability to give and to share with others who can help, please do so.

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Generosity encouraged

Today I had the joy of speaking with a very kind and generous person who has offered to match all donations made over the next two weeks up to $5000!

It is so encouraging to see people give so freely to care for those in need and the protection of children that so desperately need it.

I challenge you all to share this information and motivate others to share as well. Every small amount is a blessing and more greatly appreciated than you can possibly know.

To know that what you share is doubled- is an extra special gift.

Click HERE to donate!

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The Benefits Of Watchful Waiting

I was hoping to have more news, but the court proceedings are dragging along and much hinges on the court appointed child psychologist. Its a waiting game right now – which is a bit ironic, because Jeff is fighting for just that… The right to watchfully wait and allow James to be a child instead of imposing a transition upon him while he is so young. I read a brilliant article in the National Review about why pediatrician groups are conforming to transgender orthodoxy and how their dismissal of any alternative perspectives and research may be irreparably harming children.

Upon the wake of the American Academy of Pediatrics releasing its official policy statement on how to ensure “comprehensive care and support for transgender and gender diverse children and adolescents”, the article questions,  “1. To what extent did activists and interested third parties influence this policy? 2. To what extent was the AAP able to hear from all stakeholders? (Especially parents unable to speak up publicly due to concern for their relationship with their child, and professionals who fear animosity from an activist community.) And, related, 3. Is this official policy likely to be helpful or harmful to children?” Jeff falls into the category of a parent unable to speak up publicly for himself because he has been enjoined from doing so. That adds another element altogether!

Dr. Susan Bradley, a child psychologist with 40 years of clinical experience and research, who founded the Toronto Gender Identity Clinic at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, was quoted as saying,

“I’m deeply concerned that AAP’s guidance has gotten so far ahead of the current knowledge base about gender dysphoric children, according to the best research we have that spans decades of clinical practice. We know from multiple studies that around 80 percent of gender dysphoric children will desist from their cross-sex identification in childhood to identify with their natal sex. Most of these will grow up to be gay or lesbian; a substantial minority have also been diagnosed with autism.

Yet the AAP guidance incorrectly dismisses these studies as flawed and outdated. There is no professional consensus on medical treatment of gender-dysphoric children and young adolescents. While some preliminary studies of puberty suppression followed by cross-sex hormones and surgery have shown benefit to gender dysphoric youth, these have had small sample sizes and have only followed patients for a short period of time.

We do not know the long-term effects of medical transition in young people; these effects are mostly irreversible and include sterility and sometimes impaired sexual function. Watchful waiting, which was the treatment of choice for many years, has been dismissed as false and harmful with no evidence for this assertion.

I urge you all to read this article in its entirety – LINK HERE. NATIONAL REVIEW ARTICLE

I have also added the link to the article under the resources tab along with other articles and information if you haven’t had a chance to check it out.

Thank you again to all who love and support these sweet kids. I will continue to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves in love and with effort to be wise and kind in relation to all those involved.


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Character Qualities – Truth and Trust

Several of you have seen a shared Facebook post with a video of James. In this video (below) he explains at age 3 that he believes that he is a girl because Mommy told him he was a girl. She told him this because he likes girls and thinks they are pretty and thinks that playing nail polish is fun.

A great privilege and duty, I believe, we have as parents is to shape our children’s characters. Every question and interaction is a teachable moment.

My middle son, Patton, told me around age 3 (much like James in the video) that he liked girls and thought they were pretty. I told him, “That is wonderful! Boys should like girls and think they are pretty. What girls are you thinking of?” His first response was, “Mommy!!!” “Oh thank you so much!”, I said. “Girls love compliments. It is always nice to tell someone they are pretty. It makes them feel great!”

In that moment, I began to instill in him an instinctive consideration for the feelings of others. He (like James) also told me that he liked my fingernail polish and thought it was pretty and colorful. I thanked him again for the compliment! When he asked if he could have pretty colors on his fingers too, I gently told him, “polish is a special grown up mommy paint. It is very messy, wet and sticky at first and can damage furniture if you are impatient and don’t let it dry, but I will give you one sparkly magic finger if you can sit still long enough.” I put glitter polish on his pointer fingernail and he went around pointing and “magic-ing” everything around the house that day. It was great fun that sparked imagination. It also taught patience and caution to not damage the furniture.

I did not discourage him or tell him it was a “girl-thing”. A toddler is not motivated by gender when expressing what he finds attractive or interesting. What 3 year-old doesn’t like color and movement? The gender issue never entered my mind, because the person he is – is more important to me.

Ask anyone who knows him, my child is very boyish, some might say a little “rough and tumble” but he is also bright, imaginative, observant, has an eye for detail, loves colors and textures, is artistic, complimentary and kind. These are the qualities that will make him an excellent husband and father one day. He may be an artist, or a chef or a fashion designer or an architect with his appreciation of aesthetics. So many things I was able to encourage in him that have absolutely nothing to do with gender.

It is a great privilege to teach our children to become great people regardless of gender, and a great responsibility of a parent is to be trustworthy. It is so true that children believe what we as parents tell them. They expect and trust us to encourage them, support them, instill confidence in them and teach them truth.

They should be able to trust us. A child should never be lied to. He should be able to express his feelings, likes and dislikes without being labeled or forced into a gender role that he doesn’t really understand, especially at such an early age.

A God-given love for artistic, colorful, soft and beautiful things can be a marvelous trait in both boys and girls.

Can you imagine life if every little boy who told his mommy he liked girls and thought they were pretty was then required to dress as one and told by the person he trusts most that he is one?

A toddler will believe what his mommy says and when encouraged, will continue to do what brings him praise. Gender has absolutely nothing to do with a person’s character, qualities and temperament… the things we should praise, direct and encourage in our children.

“Start children off on the way they should go, and when they are old they will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6



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One Step Forward… Three Steps Back

One Step Forward…

Thank you so much to those directing people to this site and sharing James’ story. Word is spreading and we are thankful for the many of you praying and sharing. In an attempt to raise awareness we have started a SAVE JAMES T-SHIRT Campaign. The shirt is super cute, is a conversation starter, directs people to the website and the profits – (though small-depending on how many shirts sell) will go to help Jeff.

Three Steps Back…

Unfortunately my update today isn’t very encouraging, although I hope this news will inspire you to help in any way you possibly can.

As I have mentioned before, Courts have enjoined Jeff from dressing James as a boy at school, from teaching him that he is a boy, and from sharing religious teachings on sexuality and gender. He has literally been accused of abuse for affirming his son’s biological sex and by simply stating that his son is a boy.

I suppose anything that negatively influences or encourages opposition of James’ social transitioning and acceptance of the change that has been decided for him (not by him) is frustrating to the other side – but to call it abuse is outrageous.

Last week this resulted in the loss of Jeff’s job because this “abuse” was “anonymously” reported to his employers. They had recently given him a raise and his job performance was not called into question. He was given a severance package because they had no reason for dismissal other than fear of liability by association I guess. Of course this severance package will just barely cover child support and a few basic expenses over the next few months not to mention the extreme costs associated with this battle including the $10,000 fee he will have to pay for the court appointed psychologist.

It sickens me that his right to free speech and ability to protect and father his sons has been restricted. I have seen first hand what an excellent father he is and how well he interacts with his boys. He is encouraging and supportive and gentle. I trust him with my children and am outraged that anyone would call his behavior towards his sons anything but exemplary.

The court costs, legal fees, and child support have drained his finances, and he is completely on his own fighting to protect his children…. now without employment!

He is usually a very motivated individual, but the past few setbacks have really been hard on him.

I ask again that you pray, donate, share and raise awareness.

Thanks ~ Sarah

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